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Wednesday 11 January 2012

BOMs Galore

I signed up for my first 2012 BOM yesterday......can't wait to start!  I have been waiting for this one for some time ever since Sally gave us a preview of it earlier last year.  You will come to learn that I am a great fan of Millamac Quilts, all designed by Sally, and have signed up the last couple of years for a Millamac BOM. This one is called "Farmyard Frolics".  Isn't she a clever lady?

photo borrowed from Quiltessentials & Millamac
I have also signed up to be part of Sally's "Free Range" group starting in February...now I just have to get my roster changed at work so I can free up my Wednesdays.  If you want to see any of Sally's other designs, they are all on her website at http://www.millamac.com.au/

"Quilts are like friends - a great source of comfort" - Anon.


  1. That sure looks like a fun one! Thanks for following my blog, that is how I found you! Now I am following you too.

  2. Millminac always make fun quilts, I am making the great Aussie tea party, but as I am hand appliqueing it, I am sad to say its a slow process, and I dont tend to hand stitch in the warm weather so its on hold for a few months,


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