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Sunday 29 January 2012

Please come again

Everyday I visit my blog with anticipation...how many views? where from? any comments? any new followers? today I hit 15 followers (to be fair, one of them is myself and I did that by accident and have only just figured out how to delete myself) and I am sure I will reach 500 views by this evening. Yes, I am just a BABY in Blogland but growing every day!

So THANK YOU to all who come and have a look, leave a comment (even annonymous ones) and a SPECIAL Thank You to those who are following  Bits 'n Bobs  -  I really appreciate seeing you here!

I probably spend too much time on the computer but I do get some sewing done.  Last night I finished off this little UFO that has been sat around since 2010 just waiting for the buttons to be sewn on!
to see different photos for this project click here to get to "Sew its Finished".

Keep those needles threaded,


  1. I remember being excited having 15 followers too. I STILL get excited when someone NEW joins me...!
    I try to get around and visit lots of blogs regularly... and leave encouraging comments. :)

  2. Bahahaha I accidently followed myself to. I am a baby just like you, I came across your blog via Sew it's Finished. I am exactly the same, I get excited over comments and followers - a whole new world. I luuuuuuuuv your Xmas swag, it is just the cutest.

  3. I have been blogging for over 4 years and I am still excited over comments and followers. I love blogging....opened a whole new world to me...Your little crafting project is really cute!


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