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Monday 11 April 2016

Design Board Monday #29 - Stitching at the Post Office

 What is it about the weeks just racing by at the moment. Before I can seem to take a breath, we are back to Monday again and I am reading last weeks link ups and writing a new post.  Well, I have been busy.....not so much sewing....but out and about a bit.

On Friday, I joined up with a new sewing group in Hobart.  We meet up at an old building which was once the local Post Office.

A very creative woman bought the building last year and has done wonders with it.... the rooms have all been beautifully revamped....keeping all the original rooms with their features and adding some lovely new 'old' ones, like these vintage chandeliers in every room.

Each room is dedicated to particular artists and their wares are on display and for sale while the rooms all have tables and chairs and are for hire to groups to hold meetings from bookclubs to our own sewing group.

There is a cafe downstairs and you can have a coffee (or other drink) brought up to enjoy in the rooms while you sew or attend whatever meeting.

Here are some features that I found interesting.

The entrance, the staircase, a tapestry upholstered chair, a stain glass door.
I worked on my Flowerville block and managed to get all the windows, the walls and the roof frame stitched....not a bad effort!

What do you have to share for this week?

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  1. You sew at the Post Office, I quilt at the library. :) I'll try to come back to link tomorrow.

  2. What a beautiful, inspiring building!!!

  3. What a lovely building and you made great progress on your stitching! Christine x

  4. It sounds like you've found a lovely place for a sewing meeting, and I hope the group is just as lovely. Having room to spread your things as well as being comfy, coffee, thank you, is just perfect! I hope your new group works well for you.

  5. What a beautiful renovation and inspiration. Your stitchery looks wonderful.


  6. Oh my gosh Cath, your post title had me wondering if you'd had a very long wait to collect a parcel!!

  7. What a beautiful building! Congrats on getting so much done on your embroidery.

  8. Very cool use of an historic building. Great opportunity for a community to have meeting space available. Good progress made on your stitchery.

  9. I love that meeting place. This makes me think that if I ever move to OZ, I'm moving to Hobart. =) Thank you so much for sharing the pictures of this wonderful building. I want to come to a meeting!

  10. Wow! Meeting in such a lovely space would truly be inspiring. I especially loved your very fist pic. That bright red is so fun. I love old revamped spaces - there is always an aura of history that just draws me in.

  11. Wow! I would love to be stitching in such a gorgeous space. Thank you so much for sharing.


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