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Tuesday 9 February 2016

she naps...I stitch

I am a little behind with my BOM stitching and 'someone'....aka Callie.... is not making it very easy!

Here I am sitting in 'our' chair with my feet up for some stitching R&R...when Callie decides she would like to take her afternoon nap.....on my lap!

 She is very polite about it and initially rests her chin on the chair and looks up at me with big puppy eyes as if to ask permission to get up...I can't refuse her...she is 10yo now and who knows how much time I have left to cuddle with her...lots, I hope, but still I cannot refuse!

I inch my legs over to one side to make room for her but she still likes to half lie on me...

She is quite a heavy lump but I don't mind and she doesn't hassle me by insisting that I keep patting her (like Lila does) so I left her there and continued with my stitching....although it was a little cramped.

What am I stitching?
I am still on Block 5 of A Country Tea Party. It is the central block so it is larger than the others....by now I just have the flowers and grass to do.

Do you have a friend to keep you company while you stitch?

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  1. Awww! Shes so sweet! I can see why you cant resist her!

  2. Not so good if its hot I am sure.
    My dog likes to share the leg resting part of the reclner - but the cat is more trouble - he wil just get up on the desk and plonk himself on my arm...no sewing happens then!

  3. Callie is so cute! I have two little dogs that like to sit either side of me when I am stitching.... keeps me nice and warm! Christine x

  4. Awww....what a gorgeous photo. It's such a hard
    life for some. lol
    Cheers, Anita.

  5. What a shmoozer, maybe he thinks she is a little dog?
    Older dogs deserve a bit of spoiling

  6. Awww. Callie is just as cute as the teddies in your BOm :)

  7. Cute stitcheries , Callie is such a cutie !!!!

  8. It's nice to have company sometimes. She looks like a sweetie.


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