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Saturday 5 December 2015

A Late Friday Report & FNWF

The farmer and I are going out this evening so I will be a late starter for FNWF but this afternoon, I am doing some stitchery while I watch an episode of Mad Men.....can't wait to see what Don Draper is up to next.....be still my beating heart!

So I have a few options....shall I stitch on the latest block of A Country Tea Party....the latest block arrived during this week.

or should I build some more basket blocks for Brookfield....would be good if I could clone myself...think of how much more I could get done. The 5th package should be arriving any day now!

I am leaving Australian Afternoon out of the equation for the moment as I want to keep up with the BOM's arriving monthly in the mail.....

No, I think I will stitch on with Flowerville while I drool over Mr Don Draper...Oh so Debonair!

I started the stitching on block 3 on Tuesday when I joined the ladies at Frangipani Fabrics for their Christmas Breakup Morning Tea....as you can guess....not that much stitching was done. Here is what I have achieved so far.

None of my other projects have seen the light of day....I have been far too busy processing cherries...we now have a huge amount in the freezer, several jars of Cherry Jam and several jars of Cherries in Light Syrup....I am going to try my hand at making Marachino Cherries next and if I remember the vodka, I am going to infuse it with cherries .My mum and I once got quite tipsy together on Cranberry Vodka....It was very YUM, so I am quite keen to try it with Cherries.

I will get around to visiting all those who stitched along for FNWF, but it might take me awhile.....there are still cherries to pick and I may very well be 'jamming' all weekend. Here's a pic of the batch I made on Wednesday.



  1. So many lovely projects to chose from. Mouthwatering goodies from your cherries yum!

  2. Not sure how you picked out of all those wonderful projects. Hope the cherries go well..what a gorgeous memory of you and your mum liquored up over cherries..

  3. You have so many cute projects going on. I think I'd pick whichever one will look ok with a little cherry stain on it. They look so yummy I think I'd have to eat and stitch.

  4. So many lovely projects to choose from, Cath. I had a little chuckle about the Cranberry Vodka!

  5. Oh how to choose a project! I'm not sure I could drop Aussie Afternoon it is so full of chuckles :) Loving your Flowerville though :)

  6. such a lovely choice of projects...

  7. you have a great choice of projects there..Enjoy

  8. Hehe pleased I'm not the only one with plenty to choose from - a project for every situation I always say :-) I still drool over your cherry photos!!


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