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Thursday 18 June 2015

Getting back into the Sewing Room

Back home with all my purchases, I couldn't wait to startsewing again and fulfill my promise to Helen D. Nothing beats a pattern kit for getting your mojo back on track since you don't have to think about fabric choices and all you really have to do is read the pattern and start cutting and sewing! I am starting with the Forest Friends fabric which includes a pattern by Kim Boland.

Like I said before, I have wanted to do something with this fabric for a very long time but did not have a pattern in mind so seeing the kit which incorporates a sweet panel, I couldn't resist.

It does help to have access to the sewing machine so I did a quick tidy up first.  I am really struggling with the space I have at the moment after my simply enormous creation station in our old house so many boxes have not been unpacked but I think I may install a shelving system all the way around the top of the wall. In the meantime, I found a spot for most of the stuff sitting on my sewing table and even unpacked a box of fabric into my glass cupboard.

At least I have a lovely view out of the window......

.....now it's time to start the sewing process.....

By lunchtime, I had made a good start on building up the panel. My kit had some pink in to add to the corners here which I actually like......makes it 'pop' a bit more.

Things haven't gone so well today........I wanted to get the next round sewn on but my head was in a strange place and after making several measuring and cutting errors (even though I followed the measure twice and cut once advice), I decided to leave it until tomorrow!

Anyhow, the girls look ready for their dinner!


  1. well done, can't wait to see the results of your sewing endeavours.

  2. oops.... when I commented before there was no post and I thought it was a teaser post lol
    lovely top coming together..such pretty fabrics in the kit.
    what good girls waiting so patiently.

  3. Look forward to seeing your project finished. Hugs.....


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