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Monday 11 August 2014

DWM......Same, Same, Different

Nothing much has changed on my design wall this week. I have done some sewing on the Mystery Quilt and I am up to the sashing now but it will be put away until I meet with the Sewing Sisters next month. There is no rush on this as we have until the end of the year to finish it. My 'sisters' quilts are looking really pretty......oh, yes!
 I seem to have a block missing.  I know I had it set out and all  ready to sew but when I looked at my design blocks there was not a trace of it.....nor is it on my sewing table or cutting out table.....it's a total MYSTERY!

The Exploding Block quilt is still on the design board. I don't have an actual pattern for this one so I am making it up as I go. It is difficult when you don't have an end result in mind......I don't even know how big it is going to be.
I have put together block 2 of Merry Merry Snowman and started on the applique pieces.  Some of these pieces are a little trickier on this block.....eg. reindeer antlers........
Oh dear!
 Lastly, I have some new fabric to play with.........this is all to do with a Challenge set by Kaye at Apatchy Quilting but this peek is all you are getting for the time being. It will be on my design board shortly.

This week is a little different to most here in SEQ.  It is the Brisbane Agricultural Show week, known locally as The Ekka, and there are a few public holidays depending where you live.  I don't live in a Brisbane City Council district but just a suburb or two north so my public holiday is on Monday, Redcliffe on the Peninsula has Tuesday as a public holiday and all of Brisbane CC has Wednesday which can extend into my suburb (eg schools and some services have this day too). Who knows what happens south of the city. Fortunately non of these holidays affects my week too much so this is  
How my week looks:
Monday : Kelly Girl Quilters......will be working on my stitchery Bric-a-Brac
Tuesday: I have a car on Tuesday this week so I am popping over to Apatchy Quilts for a pow-wow with the girls and will be doing some more stitching on Bric-a-Brac
Wednesday: Ekka Day and a public holiday in some areas. Day at home is likely. I could continue putting the applique together for Merry Merry Snowman
Thursday: Chat and Sew at QuiltEssentials......should be nearly finished with Bric-a-Brac by now.
Friday & Weekend: Nothing planned in concrete so anything can happen.  Probably some sewing on the Exploding Block Quilt as I want to get it off the Design Wall

I hope you have time for a threaded needle this week.
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  1. Hi Cath love all your blocks,you sure have been busy,enjoy your day .xx

  2. there is always so much lovely things to see on your blog...

  3. The colors in your exploding block quilt are fantastic!!

  4. I like the sparkly fabrics on the bottom. Can't wait to see what you make with them. Have a fun Sewing week.

  5. After you make a replacement, you are guaranteed to find the missing block! The exploding block quilt looks like a very enjoyable project. Sometimes I really enjoy working that way--making block after block, then spending days rearranging them on the design wall. Enjoy the process!


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