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Saturday 2 November 2013

Windsor Castle, Bath & Stonehenge - Part 3

Driving over the Salisbury Plains, I was so excited. Can't wait to see Stonehenge again. The approach to the site has changed a little. One of the intersecting roads has been taken out and a visitors centre is being built quite a way from the circle. This will go a long way to preserve the area and make a better visiting experience for everyone. The new centre should be opening soon.

 Not sure what gives me goosebumps, a racing heart, and some sort of emotional turmoil within. Is it the site itself, said to have been built on a magnetic energy line running across Britain or is it the mystery of how the stones got here. Who were these people, why did they build it, where did these stones come and how did they build it with just their bare hands? What I do find strange is that even though a very busy major road runs past the site, no traffic can be heard and see those birds on the stones......yea, can't hear any bird sounds either. No sound travels here, it is like you are in a bubble of silence.

Wandering around this site, I never want to leave. I just want to lie here on the grass and mull over all the reasoning surrounding what is left here from construction of the circle around 2600BC

How lucky are these sheep that live in the nearby field and get to view the Henge all the time?

and don't you just love this sweet patch of prettiness. Amongst all that grass was this one patch of wild blossoms. I just had to have a photo

 There are also several Neolithic burial sites called Long Barrows here and I would have loved to have strolled up there for a closer look but not enough time so I had to be satisfied with a photo.

Right, it is getting late, everyone back on the bus for the long journey back to London.
My absolute pleasure!


  1. Are the blue flowers harebells??
    We have a long barrow near us - it's such an atmospheric place!!

    1. I googled "harebells" and I do believe they are! Thanks for the tip Gill :)

  2. It certainly is a spectacular sight. Hugs.....

  3. Great post brought me back to that magical place!

  4. I have always found Stonehenge fascinating and infact our son visited there a number of years ago and did a water colour painting and gifted it to us so it is hanging on my wall. Interesting post , I loved your travels .


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