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Tuesday 17 July 2012

Nervous Nellie

I am a mother on the edge today. Mr Ted is heading out for a final interview at a new job. One that pays alot more than delivering pizza's.


Fortunately, he had to come over to use the printer before he went because I opened the door to someone who looked like they were just coming home from a long night of drinking!! The collar of his suit was all mangled and had to be straightened. His hair hadn't been brushed so mum took care of that for him.....and no, I did not use spit!! His shoes looked like they had been attacked by a rabid dog so I rushed around looking for some of Hubby's shoes that he could wear and at the same time found a decent pair of socks because I can't stand to see a man in a suit sit down and show bare legs....makes his suit look too short (and white ones at that).

So now I will have to wait nervously, as the rest is up to him, as I whisper "Good Luck Sweetheart, hope it all pays off".


  1. Thank goodness for Mum's! Sounds like a typical young man :)

  2. Good luck to him!!! My son is trying for a few new jobs as well so I know what you feel like Mum.

  3. Wishing him luck....I'm sure that he won't need it though now that mum has given him the good old spit & polish.

  4. Lovely post Cath... I really hope he gets the job... at least he's in with a good chance now you got to him first xx

  5. Fingers crossed - I'm sure the "tidy up" will help

  6. Hope he gets the job. Sounds like my son who would have said awww mum leave it alone. Take care Pauline


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