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Saturday 4 July 2015

Procrastination "Rools" for FNWF

It's Friday Night with Friends tonight......I can't remember the last time I signed up over at Gone Stitchin'.  Nothing to watch on the telly because The Hawks are playing tonight so I am letting my hubby watch since it is his team and that is fine with me but what will I be working on now that I have finished my Christmas Stitchery? I loved this stitchery and will definitely be stitching it in red.

 I could work on this cross stitch project that I started 4 years ago.  I haven't done any cross stitch since then and I am struggling to get back into the swing of it.

 I have a sneaky feeling that I abandoned it because I miscounted somewhere but I really can't remember anymore.  In an effort to get back on track, I have stitched in some grid lines to make it easier to keep track of stitches.  How on earth did I do this for so many years? I was a prolific cross stitcher before I discovered quilting.

 On the topic of quilting.......I found the box with all the requirements to finish this mystery quilt I started last year.  I have put it up on my Design Board to inspire me.....it is just a case of sewing on the next 3 blocks and then add some borders.  I could do this since I am not really watching the telly.

.......or I could just stitch on the next block of  Australian Afternoon  since I have prepared it ready for stitching.

Mmmmmm.....well since it is nice and warm here in front of the fire and freezing in the rest of the house, I think I will stitch Possum Reading......wonder if it is Possum Magic by Mem Fox?....that was always a favourite in our house.

If you signed up for FNWF, then I will visit you sometime over the weekend. Happy Stitching!

This is the result of my night...... not a great deal.....probably because, as the Queen of Procrastination, I took too long deciding what to do.

 I also didn't have any nice treats for tonights sewing because they have all been eaten.....if you want to see what I could have had, why not visit Cath@Home to read about my Pecan Muffins, Chocolate & Cranberry Slice or Luscious Lemon Loaf.


  1. Hi Cath you have done some beautiful work there,well done .and Thankyou for sharing xx

  2. My book says anything done is something done so well done on what you did get done! :) Barb.

  3. I love your Christmas Star. Who's design is it as I'll have to look out for it. I used to be a cross stitcher before quilting too. I have loads of half done cross stitch projects and like you I'm struggling to get back into the swing of them

  4. Fantastic work, especially love your Christmas star

  5. I think your possum is so cute...even though in real-life they totally creep me out. Probably has to do with a scary close encounter in my past. :)

    Your star turned out beautifully! As is your cross-stitch. I used to do loads of counted cross-stitch. You wouldn't know it by looking around my house as I seem to have gifted the majority of my projects. I gave it up when my eyesight started going, as trying to do it with readers, with the constant re-focusing was so unpleasant. But I picked up a small new project a couple of years ago, (for a gift, of course) and found that now that I have trifocals, it was just like having young eyes again. Much more pleasant.

  6. lots of lovely projects there Cath,
    your star looks great in the blue and can't wait to see mr possum finished, love seeing your blocks.
    so much work in that cross stitch, I have an abandoned one that was left for the same reasons. I have tried to palm it off to a friend but she doesn't seem to want to take the bait lol
    Think it will just disappear one day.
    happy stitching

  7. That happens sometimes...I do it as well. I do love Poss though....bit of a fan with our resident boarder under our house!

  8. OOPS! Forgot to say that I do love your star x

  9. Ah well It is a start
    Some nice things there to procrastinate about
    I have never really mastered cross stitch

  10. What a beautiful Christmas stitched. I can see your problem - but glad you got something done in the end. xx

  11. Beautiful Christmas star design and the cross stitching is gorgeous

  12. Cath you are a woman I identify with!! I'm good at putting things off & off & off too!!
    Lovely Christmas Star ... do it in red, you'll love that result too... or perhaps a cheery green?!

  13. Love your Christmas Star. You have reminded me I have one tucked away somewhere?
    I can relate to your cross stitch dilemma. I started one proberly 12 years ago and should get back too it or do I give it away?
    Did you finish those three blocks ...
    Love the Aussie stitchery you worked on.....

  14. Your Christmas stitchery is lovely in the aqua.... I must start on my Aus Afternoon - maybe once my bears are done...

  15. Good choice... I'd have gone for stitching that cute possum too. Had to laugh at your procrastination... you reminded me of...me! :o)) Love your Christmas stitchery. I'd put the cross stitch back in the cupboard and finish that quilt.... or maybe I'd put them both away and stitch the Christmas design in red. Or maybe........ don't listen to me .... have fun! xxx

  16. Cath, I would be thrilled to accomplish so much in one week, let alone one night. Your stitchery is amazing! Love the Christmas star and the little possum. the tulip cross stitch is mind boggling... it would be very easy to lose count. Have fun finishing your mystery quilt!


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