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Saturday 25 April 2015

Weekend Sew In

I just cannot believe a whole week has gone by and I still haven't blogged my intended post.

First things first though......today is Anzac Day.........and a significant one at that......this year marks the 100 year anniversary.  It never ceases to give me a lump in my throat and make my eyes burn with unshed tears when I read about, and see, images of that Great War......all those young lives, so full of promise, lost to us forever......Lest we Forget! 

Poppy field near Monet's Garden, France (2011)
Back to my weekend sew in.

After taking part in Friday Night Sew In last week, I just couldn't put my needle and thread down and continued to stitch all weekend while watching my DVD of Outlander (Season 1).

I have been so excited about seeing this series since Miss M and I visited Scotland early last year and we found ourselves visiting Doune Castle where many scenes have been filmed. When we visited, the courtyard of the castle was still fitted out with props. You can read about that here.  I have read the first three books and the first one called Crosstitch here in Australia is my favourite so I was thrilled to get this DVD for Christmas.
Here I am at Doune Castle, Scotland, February 2014
 It took me all weekend but I finished most of my stitching on Australian Afternoon from Smeedesigns.  I decided not to stitch the grey bits as I accidently bought the wrong colour grey (don't you hate it when the wrong colour ends up under the incorrect reference number!).

Now I just have to decide which one to stitch next......decisions, decisions!

But that will have to wait a couple of days as I have been so busy today in My Kitchen @Home.......come and visit, you are more than welcome.



  1. thats a fun stitchery............

  2. Such a great project Cath.

  3. gorgeous stitchery!
    well done, shame about the incorrect thread.
    wonder what the next critter to come to life will be?

  4. I love going to visit the location of a book or film I have enjoyed. Pretty stitching.

  5. great little stitchery...I absolutely love this series! How awesome that you were able to go to the castle where they actually filmed at...you lucky girl you!

  6. Love the poppies and stiching, but most of all the picture of the Doune Castle!! I devoured the books of the Outlander series, but I refuse to watch the tv series made of them.... I find it kills my own imagionation of how the caracters look and talk and everything! So, I hope you enjoyed the dvd, but I won't.


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