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Saturday 4 April 2015

This and That for Stitching

A post or two ago I mentioned that I had ordered a stitching pattern from Smeedesigns. I was so excited to get the package just a couple of days later and I raced into town to pick up some supplies.

They didn't have my preferred DMC threads but they did have ones that correspond with DMC so I decided to get them for this project.  They are easy to get if I need more. I just have to remember their corresponding DMC # before starting any project.

I always like to put whisperweft stabiliser on the back of my stitchery  and applique blocks. It helps with the stitching tension and hides the threads at the back as well but the owner at the local patchwork shop had no idea what whisperweft was and therefore did not sell it.  I thought I might order it on line but really I need to find it here, locally.  This was one of the reasons I didn't start this project.  The other reason is that I forgot to buy needles! doh!

Thursday gave me a chance to look for whisperweft as we had to go into Hobart to get the car serviced which meant lots of shopping time and lunch with my nearest and dearest.  We had lunch at one of our favourite eateries on the Elizabeth Street Pier, Fish Frenzy, flanked by a couple of lovely replica sailing ships

I only took a photo of one of them.....Lady Nelson
 Back to the shopping. One of the first places I visited was Spotlight  because I knew where it was and I was almost certain they would have what I was looking for.  I hated going to Spotlight in Brisbane and always walked out annoyed that I had wasted my time driving there but in Hobart, it is a lovely store and I found everything that I was looking for as well as some spontaneous purchases. Now I have my Whisperweft so no excuses. I will be ironing it on tonight and then the stitching can commence.

Needles are no longer a problem because I am pleased to say that I am slowly finding the things I need in my sewing space as I open more boxes. Some things are more of a priority than others......for instance, I was ever so pleased to find these

my collection of scissors.......large and small
pins, hoops and NEEDLES!

quilting tools including rotary cutter

So my friends, that is all that is happening here at Bits 'n Bobs but if you would like to catch up with my other news then head over to Cath@Home - I have something cooking in my kitchen today and it smells divine!


  1. looks like things are coming together for you.
    I love smee designs and can't wait to see yours coming together.
    Happy stitching!

  2. There are certainly some disadvantages to living in a small town trying to get your sewing and craft supplies, this is how my online business eventuated when I moved to the country. I still enjoy the "big town" shopping sprees though, hope you had a good shopping day, and look forward to seeing your stitchery.

  3. I live in a city with three quilt shops...but most of the time I shop online. It is much cheaper for me! Thanks for the peak at your stitching! I am anxiously awaiting what the finished will look like!

  4. Hi Cath so glad you found your bits and pieces and it's always nice to find extras,love your pics,hope you have a lovely Monday my friend xx

  5. Looks like you had a lovely day in Hobart. Your photos of the harbour are beautiful... you've got me daydreaming already and it's only 8am! :o) Great that you found your supplies. I love Whisperweft too. I've never tried it behind appllique but I'm just going to have to try it now. Have to get all my supplies online... living out in the sticks has it's drawbacks. Have a lovely weekend....xxx

  6. That looks like a fun project tow work on. It is always nice to find just the right items for a project, I have not used whiisperweft but found a pellon woven interfacing I like to use in my embroidery.


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