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Friday 30 January 2015

Going Stir Crazy

I am on my own with my puppies at the moment as hubby has returned to QLD to prepare our house for sale ( if you are wondering what the heck is going on, then head to my blog, Cath@Home, link on the side bar, which will document this new adventure) 

Anyway, as I was saying, I am virtually glamping at the moment. I have bathroom and kitchen facilities with the basics, a new cosy mattress, a tv, my iPad and my sewing machine! What more could a girl want........er, well maybe my rulers, rotary cutters, scissors and everything else which is currently packed and sitting in limbo!

I insisted on bringing my Bernina in the car with us as she is still brand new and I couldn't trust her to the removalists. I had a thought that I could put her to use straight away and packed a few essentials which I had to leave behind in the end due to lack of room in the car. Anyway I needed somewhere to put the big girl or how was I going to sew. 'Sew' we were suprised to see that the previous tenants left a dining room table here when they left and I soon appropriated it for my sewing room, which feels like a sewing nook after my previous room. 

I have set miss Nina up and there is still room for a cutting mat (which I sneaked into the car) so I decided to look for some inspiration before I go stir crazy. I picked up a copy of APandQ when in town and while reading it cover to cover, I came across an ad from Smeedesigns. I have ordered a stitchery from them before which was in my basket of glamping to-do's and which got left behind.

I have put my order in and I am now waiting for my pattern, called Australian Afternoon, to arrive. It should only take a few days and the good thing is that I have ordered the pre printed fabric pattern so I won't be needing my light box (or miss Nina, for that matter) just some embroidery thread and a needle.

In the meantime, I will keep reading the Ruth Rendell mystery I got from the library 

while I have a cup of my favourite brew and snuggle under a quilt with my little companions (see first picture)

Now you know I can't resist showing piccies of my girls. So here is another couple of them living a life of luxury. All you can see of Lila in the top photo is her pink ear but believe me she is in the bottom photo although well camouflaged by the blanket.

Don't they look cosy?
Till next time,


  1. I think withdrawals from quilting would be worse than from smoking! Must. Quilt. Now!

  2. How convenient to collect a free useful table...no sewing and lots of time - bad ...very bad

  3. looks like the girls have made themselves right at home!
    enjoy settling in and waiting for the rest of your stuff.
    Love your new project, I haven't seen that smee design, I do love her stitcheries.
    I must pop over and check it out...never know I might join you...

  4. Good luck with the sale of the house and I'm glad
    you've got all your essentials!! lol Love the piccies of
    your sweethearts, they look so peaceful.
    Cheers, Anita.

  5. Hi Cath. I saw that ad in AP&Q and thought about getting it myself. I really like the SMEE designs but haven't managed to buy one yet. Hope your move is going well albeit missing your sewing supplies at present. Your beautiful puppies sure do look cosy. Cheers, Tracy.

  6. Aw, I just adore that pic of sweet Callie & Lila - they looks so snug & happy!
    Hope your stitching kit arrives soon...
    Happy weekend,

  7. Gorgeous photo of the dogs! Wow your sewing room was magnificent as I remember photos that you posted on the blog...so you are really 'back to basics at the moment...sounds like you are still enjoying everything just the same. (Love Smee designs!)


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