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Wednesday 8 January 2014

The Planning Phase

If you read my last post, you will have seen that I am setting some new goals this year to keep myself organised. Along with tidying the Creation Station this week, I have also been thinking about what I would like to accomplish for the month of January.  Since I have such a lot floating around in my head and "brain fuzz" is something I suffer from quite a bit, I decided to start a planning calendar.

These are all my unfinished BOMs that I hope to complete this year
 I found this calendar on Pinterest, downloaded and printed (just January) it to start my planning

Down the side is a place to write notes so I can write some ideas and reminders about what I want to tackle.

I have even made note of  FNWF (ahem, yes I got it confused with FNSI) this friday. Have you registered over at Gone Stitchin?.....it's not too late!

and also made a note of Barbara's NewFO date over at Cat Patches

Here are my January projects. I have the fabric to bind my tabletopper but still need to audition fabrics for the NewFO.

See the penguin on that magazine cover. I am planning to make that for my NewFO.  Here's another pic from inside the mag.
So there,  I am all fired up and ready to go but I have just one question to put to you all.  When does a WIP (or NewFO) become a UFO??


  1. The penguin is adorable! I really do need to do some organizing in my sewing room too.

  2. Good luck with your list Cath and I love that penguin quilt.xx

  3. Wow - you are organised! I'm trying to keep a diary this year - I hope the urge lasts.
    I think for me a WIP becomes an UFO when I lay it aside for months because I've started something (or somethings) else. Of course that very rarely happens :-)

  4. I can't imagine all of those projects at my finger tips.
    The penguin quilt is very sweet ;)

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. A great way to get organised. The penguins are sweet, I like the changes to the Homespun mag. I now think it is value for money and has some great projects.

  7. Great organizing! That penguin quilt is adorable.

  8. I'm with Bouts Choisis - a WIP is something you ARE working on - onna fairly regular basis. A UFO is more like you have lost interest for now....
    FNSI & FNWF are confusing - esp when the first Friday morphs into the second Friday of the month - didn't anyone want to sew on the 1st January??
    Nevertheless I'll be signing up . . . see you there.

  9. Love the penguin quilt, good luck with your list.

  10. You are certainoly well organized and making a plan is a great way to go . Love the penquin , so cute !I must go sign up for FNSI , thanks for the reminder .


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