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Monday 19 December 2011

Christmas is a week out...................................

One Week to go till Christmas Day......so exciting and I have just about everything ready.....presents are wrapped which means only the Lunch to organise (I already have the Menu set out but got to go grocery shopping later in the week)

As usual, I have had so much fun decorating this year and made a start without help from my trusty helper, Miss M., who was away in New York for a couple of weeks. Here are a few pics of my decorations:

I found this cute little bowl at the supermarket one evening when I dashed out to buy some essentials, and added it to my basket.  I later decided to buy one as a secret santa pressie, but there were none left.

Here is another new addition this year....the Wreathe....which I bought from my work place. Once I saw it, I couldn't resist.  Hubby is starting to roll his eyes when I walk in with something new! I tried to hide this in the garage but he found it in his search for the xmas lights! Oh dear!

This is one of 3 trees that I have up.  It looks so elegant and a wonderful table centre for the dining room table.

This is the "big" tree which goes up every year.......I am just about ready to buy a new one but can't decide on a green or white tree.  Everyone I ask for advice has a different viewpoint.  Decisions,

Just a few of the presents.............there are quite a few more additions now though!

And again.....something new that snuck in this year, I saw the green apples last year and wanted some "cherries" to go with them but didn't find any until a few weeks ago and then I found the white pears aswell...............I think it is official.....I am a Christmas Decoration Junkie!

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