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Wednesday 26 December 2012

Merry Christmas to one and all.

Oh how I have neglected this poor little blog in the last few weeks. It has been a very busy time for us all but I feel so very guilty that I haven't made the effort to even read many of your blogs. I feel like I have been ignoring all my best friends so here is a little peek into our Christmas Day.

It was an incredibly hot, hot day here and we decided to take all the dogs (our two and Red's Clover) to the beach for a play in the waves.  In the rush to get going and get all the puppies settled into the back of the car, I forgot to pick up my camera which was a bit of a shame cos they had a ball.

We came home to a Christmas breakfast outside on the patio. This has never been our tradition before but miss M decided she would like to have breakfast with everyone before we opened our presents.  I think this may be a new tradition.

After breakfast, we headed inside into the Air=conditioning to open some presents. Miss M put together a photo montage of her trip to Europe earlier this year and we listened to stories about her travels.
And then one of my favourite traditions which gave us alot of laughter......presenting gifts to our furbabies. Callie loves this.  We fill paper bags with dog treats, a big chewy bone and a toy. Callie couldn't get her bone out of the bag quick enough and got herself all tangled up in the handles trying to get the bag out of the way. 
Clover took one look at the chew bone and took off with it as far as she could get.  Red had to take the rest of the treats to her around the other side of the house.
My little princess Lila who celebrated her first full year living with us, dived straight into the bag to fish out the treats before she even saw the chew bone. 

Interestingly enough, non of them were terribly interested in their new bouncy balls!!

With them all happily chewing on their treats, we headed inside again for our seafood feast.  Because it is so hot in Queensland, this has become our Xmas feast of choice and enjoyed by all of us. Accompanied by ice cold glasses of Champagne.

All in all, I really loved our "Red & White" themed Christmas

 I hope you all had a Merry Christmas!



  1. Fun idea to put treats in a bag ; )
    Merry Christmas

  2. Merry Christmas Cath ,loved reading about your Christmas adventures ,your breakfast table looked lovely and the seafood looked scrumptious !Glad the furry friends also had some great treats:-)

  3. Merry Christmas Cath, I enjoyed reading about your non-taditional Christmas dinner...I love to go out of the box with different foods during the holidays....your furbabies looked to be having a good time as well...we always do stockings for our "boys" as well and they love to get in there and retrieve their treats.

  4. Cath your table looked very festive. We spent our day in Toowoomba, much cooler than Nanango. Your furry friends look like they had a great time too.

    Merry Christmas

  5. It is a busy time of year! Your Christmas table and decorations look beautiful! Hugs Wendy

  6. Cath your xmas table looks fantastic,i also have a white tree.xx

  7. My Christmas was blue and white themed but I didn't really take any pictures. :( Oh well, I sure enjoyed looking at yours though. Your seafood and champagne sound (and look) quite yummy. And I liked your photo collages of the dogs. Best wishes for a Happy New Year!


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