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Thursday 18 October 2012

The BIG one......

Yep, Marilyn, Lorraine and I went to the Brisbane Quilt Show today and I have voted it the best show in the last few years. I didn't take my camera because I thought no photography was allowed......big, big mistake and I missed out on being able to show you some absolutely breathtaking quilts....oh well, next time I will know better.

The shop stalls this year were brilliant and I spent up a huge storm so I will show you some of the fabulous goodies that I just couldn't live without!

These scarf jewels were everywhere this year and Lorraine and Marilyn bought themselves some ready made ones for $15 ea but there was too much choice so I could not decide. Luckily I found these bits & pieces to make my own for a fraction of the cost.
Odds and ends I found here and there. Little pincushions, scissors and some little ornaments that I am going to make scissor fobs out of.
At last.....I have found some washi tape
A few things that are not easy to find. Get them when you see them.
I got a couple of these patterns for baby wool blankets. It was really difficult to make a decision about which ones to buy as there were monkeys, pandas, teddies and rabbits.  I eventually picked this one and I also got one called birds on a wire.  so cute!
some good christmas fabrics for my stash
I am not a huge fan of quilted bags but this one caught my eye and I bought the pattern 
I found some little decorative flowers and tiny buttons for my "Betsy's Closet Applique" project box.

As we were walking around the stalls, we came across a machine by Sizzex called Big Shots.  I thought it was a Scrapbooking die cutting machine but turns out it is also for cutting fabric very much like the Accuquilt but a bit cheaper. I succumbed and took advantage of the show special.  So now I have a die cutter that will cut me 2 1/2 inch strips, squares, rectangles and triangles (not sure what size)

There is more but let me surprise you later when I have made a start on some of my new projects.
Thanks for coming over and visiting.

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  1. Cath - sounds like a great day - I am always so exhausted when I come home - I am off to the show tomorrow!! I am tempted by that Big Shots too... better sleep on it.

  2. Oooh, great goodies you picked up Cath! Can you explain what a scarf jewel is though for me? I have never heard of them in this part of the world and I am so curious as I wear a lot of scarves. Thanks and looking forward to what else you picked up! :0)

  3. Oh wow you really found some wonderful goodies to take home , sounds
    Ike a perfect day !

  4. You picked up some great items Cath! Your satin stitch on your tree looks lovely, so I would not worry too much about it! Have a great day, Wendy

  5. Hi Cath, Looks like you had a wonderful time
    and the pics look great. The terrific thing about
    going to shows is that you come home with so many
    fantastic ideas.
    Cheers, Anita.

  6. Wow, lots of great goodies came home with you.


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